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IRINGA: Elephant of the Week at PAWS – Performing Animal Welfare Society: Remember Me

Name: Iringa

Date of Birth: 1969; wild born in Mozambique, Africa (1)     

Captured: 1971 

Procured by: the Toronto Zoo in 1974



Source (13)


Rescued by: PAWS Wildlife Sanctuary (2) & Bob Barker (3) in October 2013 

Gender: Female

Date of Death: Wednesday, 22 July 2015 at PAWS 

Cause of Death: “humanely euthanized” due to “degenerative joint and foot disease,” a common malady for captive  elephants which Iringa suffered during her 40+ years at the Toronto Zoo (4)


Source:13    Iringa Glum at the Toronto Zoo


Loxodonta africana:  DONATE (5) TO PAWS IN MEMORY of IRINGA 


See also “A Special Message From Bob Barker” (3)    


For more PHOTOS of Iringa that you will love see them at: PAWS (6)(7)

which includes “The Toronto Elephants: PAWS PHOTO ALBUMS of “The Journey” (8) 

 and “First 30 Days” (9) 


Milestone: At the age of 46 Iringa became one of the oldest living African elephants in North America. (4)   


Source:13  Iringa got her treats out of that rock at the Toronto Zoo


On the morning following her arrival at PAWS (on 21 October 2013) Iringa was the first of the former ‘Toronto Zoo elephants’ to explore her new surroundings and she found the fresh hay put out for them quite to her liking. Not long after, she could be found (or not!) wandering the hilly landscape that was the sanctuary grounds; browsing in the trees or snacking amongst the tall grasses. 

The African elephant especially enjoyed a good soak in the “therapy pool”(11) while savoring the treats set out for her on the walkway just a trunk’s reach away. In the pool Iringa was able to “float” giving her feet and joints a rest. But not for too long as she loved to head out for the nearest mudhole afterwards to indulge herself once again. Ah, the life of an elephant at PAWS wildlife sanctuary. Iringa was finally home!


Source: 12  Iringa Curious & Happy in Her Therapy Pool at PAWS


Lest we not forget:”She was a big, beautiful, bold, brilliant elephant and thank goodness she died a happy elephant.” (10)



Source (12)




Source:12    Iringa discovers her treats on the walkway near her therapy pool at PAWS



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Images: from CC Video ‘PAWS Sanctuary: Iringa takes a bath’ by Mary Ann Wilson YT (12) & CC Video ‘The Last Elephants’ by Live One Life YT (13)


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Source:13    Iringa Walking in Circles at the Toronto Zoo

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