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Elephant Philanthropist: Happy 99th Birthday Bob Barker 12 December 2022

Dear Mr. Bob Barker:

Wishing you health and happiness for your milestone 99th birthday. You have entertained us and have amazed us with your kindness to humans and nonhumans, alike. You have made the world a better place just by being you. Thank you for speaking out for elephants and for your lifelong commitment to helping animals through your philanthropic works. 


Bob Barker onstage at The Price is Right (Source 1)

(Source 5)


Love from all of the captive elephants who, without your financial support and tireless efforts, would have been left languishing in zoos & from those zoo elephants who know how much you have tried.


Iringa (Source 4)

Lucy (Source 3)



Savannah Crisp

Elephant Spoken Here



Images: CC Flickr by Bob Northern, Bob Barker onstage at The Price is Right (1); & by Spike55151, Bob Barker glossy (2) & by E_Tavares, Water Splash, Lucy the elephant Edmonton Valley Zoo Canada (3) & from CC Video ‘PAWS Sanctuary: Iringa takes a bath ‘ by Mary Ann Wilson  (4) & by CC wikimedia, Bob Barker, Celebrating 30 years at CBS The Price is Right (Mr. Barker hosted the game show for 35 years in all) (5)









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Bob Barker (Source 2)

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