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Watch Little Elephant Rub Her Eye & Discover Other Uses of a Baby Elephant’s Trunk!

This little elephant appears to be rubbing her eye with her trunk. Perhaps she just discovered that skill as young elephants “must practice the complex coordination of the trunk” (1) to appreciate the numerous ways it can assist them.

But for now this soothing rub seems to hit the spot. Other life lessons can wait til later in the day!  





Other Uses of a Baby Elephant’s Trunk

As a binky (dummy in the UK) or comforting device! (3)   


Original Watercolor Elephant Painting by Addison © Elephant Spoken Here



  • As a water fountain drinking device!
  • As a mud & dirt slinging dusting device!
  • As a spoon or ‘hand’-to-mouth feeding device!


Elephants are a wondrous species. So connected to humans in many ways.




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