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KUISHI : Elephant of the Week at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust : Too Cute


Name Origin/Meaning: Kuishi means “to live” in  Swahili.

Date of Birth: 4 February 2016, a Tuesday

Age When Rescued: ten months

Gender: Female

Where Now:  The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nursery  Nairobi Kenya Africa

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Too Cute For Photos see Kuishi’s photo gallery


Location of Rescue: “On the plains near Aruba .” see area on Fostering map

Elephant Became Orphaned Because of: “Drought-Related

Situation Surrounding Orphaned Elephant’s Discovery:  On Monday 28 November 2016 a Tsavo Trust pilot spotted a drought-stricken mother elephant lying on her side. Next to her was her calf, fraught and determined not to leave her mama’s side.

Insights into Orphan’s Elephant Herd:  Although much-welcomed clouds were forming in the skies on the day of her rescue (& there had even been a scattering of recent rain) Kuishi’s elephant herd had most likely moved on in search of water as “the drought that had gripped Tsavo National Park” in 2016 had still not let up. Our baby elephant Kuishi’s mama was “barely breathing” when rescuers from DSWT/KWS arrived to save the calf. Sadly, though attempts were made to save “the collapsed mother” she succumbed to starvation and from the cruel drought.

Condition of Orphaned Elephant When Rescued: Kuishi was “emanciated” from the drought and from the lack of nourishment (her mother’s milk).

Transported Via:  Landcruiser and a plane ride “to ferry the baby to the DSWT Nairobi Nursery”.

For Complete Story see Kuishi’s Orphan Profile


Credit: public domain, Baby Elephant Drawing


Upon Arrival at the DSWT Nursery:  Kuishi’s arrival coincided perfectly with the five o’clock visiting time reserved exclusively for foster parents. Although weakened this baby elephant was determined to live and Kuishi “put up a fight” with her keepers nonetheless.

What Makes This Sweet Elephant Unique:  “happy elephant” On her rescue video (watch it here) she is seen frolicking, dusting & happily entertaining herself at the mud hole amongst the other orphaned baby elephants.

How Baby Elephant is Adjusting to New Elephant Family at DSWT: This little elephant “embraced her new life”.  In only “two short days” Kuishi made her first journey out into the forest with her stable mates, her fellow orphaned elephant friends.

Baby Elephant’s Personality Traits: Timid yet high-spirited. Takes comfort from & loves making new elephant friends, at least initially. (See Keepers notes including 02/04/18 entry)

Baby Elephant’s Favorites: Always excited about the “abundance of food” available at her new home, the elephant orphanage The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kuishi is especially blessed having survived such a horrible drought that took the life of her mama.

Baby Elephant’s New Friends: Esampu, another recent arrival at DSWT who already loves to be naughty.


Her Keeper’s Diary includes updates on Kuishi and her other sweet elephant friends

Watch YouTube Video: Kuishi’s Rescue

More Updates on Kuishi


Credit: public domain drawing of baby elephant

Note: Any quotes not linked above were written in Kuishi the baby elephant’s orphan profile at DSWT here

See also: “Bringing Water to Kenya’s Drought-Stricken Wildlife” at The Daily Mail


To learn more about The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s ( DSWT ) Fostering Program and how to Adopt Kuishi click here then “select an orphan” Kuishi

Note: At The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust you may “foster your orphanfrom 1 year to up to 10 years! And before you submit your donation you “may select a few more orphans to foster” at the same time (for those of us who cannot decide!)

The orphaned elephants at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust are “reliant on your kind support” and, as always, the future of our elephants is in our hands.


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