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ESAMPU : Elephant of the Week at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust : Too Cute


Name Origin/Meaning: Esampu means “light and shade” in the Maa language and is also the area of her rescue

Date of Birth: February 2016

Age When Rescued: five months

Gender: Female

Where Now: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nursery Nairobi Kenya Africa

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Too Cute For Photos see Esampu’s photo gallery



Location of Rescue: “The Narraengolo area… within a corridor of the Amboseli National Park & the Chyulu Hills National Park”. Although there is known human-wildlife conflict occurring on occasion in this area the “pastoral people” have made greater efforts to “cohabit peacefully” with the elephants. See area on Fostering map

Elephant Became Orphaned Because of: It remains a mystery to this day as to why this baby elephant was abandoned. Speculation would be human-elephant conflict and “the Masai practice of elephant spearing“.

Situation Surrounding Orphaned Elephant’s Discovery: On 6 July 2016 Big Life scouts responded to “community reports” of an elephant calf wandering alone in the area. There was also “little evidence of any other elephants in the area.” After consulting with KWS , Big Life contacted Angela Sheldrick who set the rescue in motion.


Insights into Orphan’s Elephant Herd: There were no signs of this African baby elephant’s mama or her elephant herd. It was obvious the abandoned little elephant had been without her mother for some time given Esampu’s “poor body condition”.

Condition of Orphaned Elephant When Rescued: “emaciated” & “extremely dehydrated”

Lifesaving Measures Taken: As community members gathered (some even joined in to help) the rescue team from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust attended to little Esampu with loving care. The elephant calf accepted her first bottle of milk and “rehydration fluids” with appreciation. A special “rescue mattress,” placed upon the “canvas stretcher,” helped cushion the baby elephant. Esampu was fastened in (the stretcher) by straps for her safety during her first air flight. A colorful blanket of orange, pink and purple stripes was used to comfort & cover her.

Transported Via: “Rescue plane” from Chyulu Hills (the Mbirikani airstrip), a 45 minute flight back to Nairobi. The DSWT elephant rescue team administered the “lifesaving drip” once the orphaned baby elephant was securely on the plane.

For Complete Story see Esampu’s Orphan Profile


Credit: public domain, Baby Elephant Drawing


Upon Arrival at the DSWT Nursery: A stable was selected, arranged (set up with a hanging blanket) and freshened with ample amounts of hay with which Esampu discovered was so soft that she instantly (after her feeding, that is!) “fell into a deep sleep”. A much needed sleep after her ordeal. Upon awakening she discovered her stable mate, Ambo, who was also “rescued from the Amboseli region area”.

What Makes This Sweet Elephant Unique: Esampu discovered, on her own, that eating vegetation would help her survive. This little elephant calf accepted “plentiful greens that were cut for her” on the very day she arrived at the elephant orphanage, which was unusual “for one so young”.

How Baby Elephant is Adjusting to New Elephant Family at DSWT: As the weeks flew by and little Esampu’s delicate condition and tummy troubles improved she was strong enough to “join the baby herd out in the forest” for exercise and play. “Esampu has been a revelation” she is ever so happy & content with her new home and elephant family.

Baby Elephant’s Personality Traits: A survivor. This baby elephant has adjusted well to her situation. Playful. Loves both her elephant and human family (DSWT Keepers) Increasingly known as the “naughty girl

Baby Elephant’s Favorites: She especially enjoys her “milk and greens” which is making her a healthy and happy girl.

Baby Elephant’s New Friends: Tamiyoi, Pare and of course, Ambo.


Her Keeper’s Diary includes updates on Esampu and her other sweet elephant friends

Watch dswtkenya YouTube Video: Esampu’s Rescue

Watch “Orphaned Baby Elephant Saved From Starvation

More Updates on Esampu found on this page


Credit: public domain drawing of baby elephant

Note: Any quotes not linked above were written in the baby elephant’s orphan profile at DSWT here

To learn more about The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s ( DSWT ) Fostering Program and how to Adopt Esampu click here then “select an orphan” Esampu

Note: At The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust you may “foster your orphan” from 1 year to up to 10 years! And before you submit your donation you “may select a few more orphans to foster” at the same time (for those of us who cannot decide!)

The orphaned elephants at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust are “reliant on your kind support” and, as always, the future of our elephants is in our hands.


Watch “Angela Sheldrick l David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust” YouTube video


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