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It’s Easy to Speak Elephant, Using Authentic Elephant Sounds & Gestures, With the “Hello in Elephant” Translator & The Best Part is You Are Helping to “Raise Awareness For African Elephants” in the Process

In the many years that Dr. Joyce Poole has spent researching & observing elephants she has always had elephant conservation utmost in her mind. Now her catalog of African elephant “signals & gestures” can be used not only to entertain but to save the lives of the endangered species as well. Together with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Poole’s ElephantVoices contributes to a unique project, aptly named “Hello in Elephant”. Check it out. It is really cool and amazing!


Communicate Like an Elephant Using Authentic Elephant Sounds & Gestures

These are 100% genuine elephant sounds. …vocalizations made by elephants“.


Image: CC Flickr  elephant communication B&W by virtualwayfarer


Step 1: Visit Hello in Elephant

Step 2: Choose “Speak Elephant” from Menu. Then click the “Translate text or emoji” button

Step 3: A screen will appear stating     “… has been translated…” with a “Play Video” Button.

Step 4: Click the Play Video button to reveal your elephant translating your words or phrase into their language!

e.g. Elephant Spoken Here has chosen “Smile” to translate. Result: “‘Smile’ has been translated. This is how elephants communicate happiness.” The “play video” button appears over your elephant.

Note: If you enter words or phrases that an elephant would not understand the result is “oops, elephants don’t say that!” Your elephant, appearing on the “Oops” screen, is shown bobbing his head side to side.

Step 5: Have fun! Post on social media or share this with your friends. Don’t forget to click the Donate button to have your voice heard & make a cash donation to help save our African Elephants.

Your contributions support The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and ElephantVoices who have “created this project to raise awareness and drive donations for African elephants”.


Image: The Daily Mail    Hello in Elephant project Speak elephant translator tool



POACHING for their ivory tusks


There were over ten million African Elephants in the early 20th century, now there’s less than 400,000, by 2025 it’s projected only 190,000 will be left.”



Hello in elephant” YouTube video at dswtkenya CH

Say Hello in Elephant – Learn about our work” YouTube video at dswtkenya CH

Elephants Communicate While at Play”  National Geographic Video narrated by Dr. Joyce Poole

Images: from The Daily Mail ; elephant communication B&W by wayfarer , elephants B&W by wayfarer both from CC Flickr



Hello in Elephant


The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Elephants Communicate in Sophisticated Sign Language, Researchers Say” by Christy Ullrich Barcus

How to Speak Elephant: New Tool Translates Human Phrases Into Real Elephant Calls” by Cecile Borkhataria for


Image: CC Flickr elephants B&W by virtualwayfarer


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