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Video Moment: Playful, Naughty Baby Elephant Steals the Limelight as Elephant Activist Films Anti-Poaching PSA in Africa For “Hands Off Our Elephants” Campaign

It doesn’t take much for an African baby elephant to look cute, especially when they are starring in a wildlife PSA video. Add in a level of naughty playfulness by that same orphaned baby elephant and you have got an image on film that could never have been scripted (to help bring in donations), especially when one is making a serious appeal to help save our African elephants from poachers.

But on this particular day our hearts were lifted and an elephant activist was left in stitches, chuckling in his efforts to manage the playful little pachyderm who at one point even made what looked like an attempt at a mock charge with his African elephant ears out flapping and wide.

As wildlife photographer  & elephant activist Geoff Mayes recently discovered during the filming of an anti-poaching PSA for Wildlife Direct’s “Hands Off Our Elephants” campaign, when an orphaned baby elephant wants to play, well, you just go with it!

Image: Geoff Mayes & orphaned baby elephant from video copyright Junkin Video at The Daily Mail


Watch this video, it is a heartwarming experience.  And knowing we are helping to save our elephants in the wild (through our contributions to reputable charities) is the most heartwarming experience of all.



  • Donate to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (who is caring for the orphaned baby elephant in the video) here.


Watch Geoff Mayes “Hands Off Our Elephants” PSA video here


Image: Geoff Mayes and orphaned baby elephant The Daily Mail  from the video, copyright held by Junkin’ Media.

Sources: The Daily Mail Online “No, I’m the star! TV presenter is pushed out of the way by a baby elephant who hogs the limelight” by Victoria Bell


Hands Off Our Elephants



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