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Elephants Make National Pumpkin Day Happy! 26 October 2023

National Pumpkin Day has rolled around again and on this 26 October 2023 we discover that pumpkins the world over come in many shapes and colors. One sanctuary elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand was snapped enjoying a green pumpkin as a tasty snack.  


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And remembering our elephant Packy, who was born in captivity, we find a small moment of joy for The Oregon Zoo elephants on a special day when a Giant orange pumpkin was delivered their way. 


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Happy National Pumpkin Day! 


Images: CCFlickr (full copyright belongs to) stewartholmes pumpkins ready for market (green colored in Thailand) (2) & by JennaWilliamson  Sanctuary elephant Chiang Mai loves green pumpkin (3)  & by faraz memon pumpkins of the world (4) & by evilkewpie Giant Pumpkin delivered to elephants (historical photos 2009) (5) & Packy and elephant family smashed the Giant Pumpkin (6)



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