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Happy Halloween 2023 From Elephant Spoken Here!

Halloween – it’s our favorite time of year

when there is that crispness in the air, autumn is here. 

When pumpkins become jack o’ lanterns and happiness springs 

from costumed children gathering candy and other anticipated things

(more treats!) 

No tricks, please! 


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Our favorite theme (elephants!) can be found in costumes and even carved ever so lightly into a pumpkin. 



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However you spend it, make Halloween 2023 a happy day!



Images:  CCFlickr:  by MattSkidmore (full copyright belongs) baby in elephant suit dog photo bomb! (1) & by the Pumpkin Girls (full copyright belongs) carved jack o lantern elephants (2) & by RicksBaker (full copyright belongs) Trick or Treat Jack O’Lantern Cake (3)  & by Pink Slippers (full copyright belongs) Spider Cake Happy Halloween (4)



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