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Remembering Our Sweet Packy : 14 April 1962 – 9 February 2017 : What You Knew & What You Never Knew About Packy the Elephant Who Was Euthanized at The Oregon Zoo, Age 54

Rally in Memory of PACKY” at the Oregon Zoo Saturday 15 April 2017

Protests: will continue… to Free Oregon Zoo Elephants ,

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Death: by euthanasia on 9 February 2017, TB related.

Packy Should Not Have Been Put Down: Opinions differ butAn Oregon Zoo Elephant Keeper Begged Metro Council Not to Euthanize Packy Days Before His Death

Burial/Elephant Graveyard: Packy is buried “in rural Clackamas County near the graves of three other zoo elephants“. The land is “Metro-owned property in a peaceful, wooded area that is not open to the public.”

Knighthood: “On his 50th birthday on 14 April 2012, Packy was knighted  by Portland’s Royal Rosarians making him ‘ Sir Knight Packy ‘ at the time of his death.” This same group hosted Packy’s Memorial Service at the “Elephant Lands exhibit” on the grounds of the Oregon Zoo on Saturday 18 February 2017.

Memorial Service: Packy’s Memorial Service see clip here was hosted by the Royal Rosarians of Portland, Oregon

Claim to Fame: At the time of his birth on 14 April 1962 Packy became “the first captive elephant born in an American Zoo in 44 years”. Visit packyandme.com  and click on the ABOUT tab. A LIFE MAGAZINE feature spread  (11 pages) also helped to announce this sweet elephant’s birth. At his death Packy was the “oldest male Asian elephant in North America“.

elephants Packy in 2006 Oregon_zoo_ google cc wiki.jpg

Our elephant Packy in his enclosure The Oregon Zoo Image: CC Flickr

Packy Family Tree: Packy the elephant’s parents were Sire: Thonglaw and Dame: Belle. Packy sired 7 calves . Shine is the only calf of Packy’s that still survives. She was born to Packy and Pet on 26 December 1982 at The Oregon Zoo and currently resides there.

Packy in Print: BOOK: Packy and Me :The Incredible Tale of Doc Maberry and the Baby Elephant Who Made History by Matthew Mayberry and Patricia

Voodoo Doughnut: Only in Portland. A tribute to our beloved elephant on Twitter “Rest in Peace Dear Packy”

Packy Timeline:”A Look at the Oregon Zoo Elephant’s Long, Illustrious Life

elephants packy oregon zoo birthday cake 2007 cc flickr

CC Flickr: Packy at The Oregon Zoo ith His Cake on his birthday 14 April 2007

Articles & PHOTOS can be found through these resources:

“Packy, Oregon’s Beloved Elephant, Dies at 54” at The Daily Mail

Packy, the Much-Loved Oregon Zoo Elephant, Dies at 54” at The Oregonian

Packy, Oregon Zoo’s Beloved Elephant, Euthanized After TB Diagnosis” at The Seattle Times

Zoo Plans 3-D Image to Honor Packy at Elephant Lands Exhibit” at The Portland Tribune (How sad they could not be using that $$$ money to have saved, & retired our Packy to PAWS sanctuary, instead.)

Other Resources:

Packy (elephant) Wiki

Packy the Elephant (1962-2017) on The Oregon Encyclopedia

Listing on Elephant.SE Database: “Packy at Portland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)”

CDC : “Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Three Zoo Elephants and a Human Contact – Oregon, 2013

The Oregon Zoo:

Oregon Zoo Facebook search Packy

Zoo Mourns Asian Elephant Packy, Oldest Male of His Species” at Oregon Zoo website


“MUST SEE: Watch historic video on NWCN and interview with Matthew Mayberry, the man who helped deliver Packy as he reminisces on that day ….and see the Voodoo Doughnut Created a Sweet Treat to Honor the Beloved Elephant”

RIP Dear Packy Remembering You” YouTube video with music: beautiful rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow_What A Wonderful World” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

Beloved Oregon Zoo Elephant Packy Dies After TB Battle” watch an ABC10 extended historic video of Packy’s birth.

Oregon Zoo video “Packy’s Birth 1962

Oregon Zoo Says Goodbye to Packy” Oregon Zoo video

Oregon Zoo’s Famous Elephant Packy Dies at 54” KOIN6 video

Remembering and Protesting Packy” KOIN6 video

Packy the Oregon Zoo Elephant Dies at 54 (historical footage) ” The Oregonian video

Related Packy Videos:

Packy Moves into New Indoor Space at Elephant Lands” Oregon Zoo video

After Years Oregon Zoo’s Elephant Lands Opens” KOIN6 video

Packy’s 54th Birthday” sadly, his last birthday KOIN6 video

Images: Creative Commons: CC Flickr  CC Google

See also: Save the Date for Packy at the Oregon Zoo : Saturday 16 April 2016 : the Elephant’s 54th Birthday RALLY, This is Our Moment to Rescue Him

elephants packy and mom belle oregon zoo cc flickr.jpg

Baby Packy and his Mama, Belle Image: CC Flickr

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