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Elephant Spoken Here Turns Five With a Look Back at the #DontLetThemDisappear Campaign’s Elephant Ice Sculpture in Manhattan

As Elephant Spoken Here turns five today,12 August 2020, our passion for elephant conservation has not abated.  For our elephants need us, even more.

Over the past several years poignant demonstrations have taken place across the globe in cities like Toronto (Canada), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Johannesburg (South Africa) Nairobi, (Kenya, Africa) and in NYC (USA).

These demonstrations showcased an elephant and though life-sized it was completely and intricately carved out of ice, outdoors, and allowed to melt over the course of the day. Hence the #DontLetThemDisappear campaign, created by Amarula (through their Amarula Trust) and WildlifeDirect for the purpose of saving our elephants, which brings us full circle to the purpose of Elephant Spoken Here.

If our elephants cannot be brought full circle out of the devastating situation we now find them in (poaching for their tusks/ivory, deforestation, human-elephant conflict & more) there will be no elephants left on this earth. Help our elephants live. There just cannot be a world without elephants.


Image: CC Flickr by nzjules elephant eating marulas


Watch “World Elephant Day USA” presented by Dr. Paula Kahumbu, Amarula Brand Ambassador, CEO Wildlife Direct  and relive the moment…

Transcription: “We are here in Union Square in Manhattan. This is a life-size elephant sculpture made out of ice. And we built this elephant  together with famous sculptors  with Amarula and (unintelligible) drink as a statement to the world that elephants are disappearing. This elephant will melt throughout the course of the day as a statement to the world on World Elephant Day that elephants are disappearing. They are being killed at a rate of every 15 minutes and that means that within our lifetime, probably by around 2030, elephants will be gone from the wild unless we stop the killing.”

Amarula Trust in sponsorship with Wildlife Direct



Images: elephant by Toronto Guardian Elephant Ice Sculpture in Toronto CA  & by nzjules elephant eating marulas


Image: by Toronto Guardian Elephant Ice Sculpture in Toronto CA

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