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World Elephant Day 12 August 2020 #DontLetThemDisappear

On this 8th annual World Elephant Day Elephant Spoken Here would like to share a message from Amarula, now counted amongst those businesses and organizations coming together on August 12 in support of our African, & Asian, elephants. And the message, #DontLetThemDisappear , still holds true today, just as it did when Amarula, whose logo is the majestic African elephant, first introduced their elephant awareness campaign three years ago.

Through the Amarula Trust , in sponsorship with Wildlife Direct our wild elephants in Africa have benefitted from Amarula’s unique fundraising methods to save them and keep them from disappearing from our planet in cruel ways (poaching of elephants for their tusks/ivory, deforestation of elephant habitats, human-elephant conflict & more). #DontLetThemDisappearWhile many brands use elephants in their logos, Amarula is the only African brand that has positioned itself to champion elephant conservation.


Image: CC Flickr by Kent Wang, Amarula Elephant


World Elephant Day “brings attention to the urgent plight of Asian and African elephants” every August 12th.

What can we all do to give prominence to elephant conservation in our own way?


Image: CC Wiki Chris Eason Those Marula Fruit Sure Are Tasty,Elephant Enjoying Marula


“When elephants THRIVE we thrive. As a keystone species, elephants support entire ecosystems. That is why we support elephant conservation in Africa.

12 August



Amarula Trust established 2002 “The Amarula Trust aims to safeguard the African elephant so that we can keep meeting them under the Marula trees, year after year. Sustainable environmental and educational projects are key to the preservation of our precious heritage.”


World Elephant Day #DontLetThemDisappear

Amarula “Proud to Support World Elephant Day


From YouTube video  #DontLetThemDisappear

Images: CC Flickr by buckofive Elephants love marula fruit ; by Kent Wang Amarula Elephant;  by CC Wiki Chris Eason Those Marula Fruit Sure Are Tasty, Elephant Enjoying Marula  & World Elephant Day banner



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Image: CC Flickr by buckofive Elephants love marula fruit

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