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Never Give Up : Mama Elephant Steadies Her Newborn After It Takes a Tumble on the Chobe River; Spirited Calf Seen Swimming Across With Her Elephant Family Later That Same Day!

A New Elephant Life Brings Joy Amidst Recent Elephant Tragedy in Botswana

As wildlife officials have yet to release any conclusive results as to why more than 350 elephants have died in the Okavango Delta area of Botswana, the sighting of a new elephant life could only bring joy to this African nation recently left shattered by this elephant tragedy.

And how fortunate would one be to encounter the blessing of a tiny elephant, one tumbling down the banks of the very river you happen to be boating on?  Wildlife photographer Charl Stols encountered just that; a baby elephant so fresh she was still petal pink and “wobbly on her feet” taking tumble after tumble with her mama assisting to prop her back up each time.

And the topper? Well it had to be the moment the little pachyderm set out in a line following her elephant sibling, her elephant family and her mama swimming across the Chobe River instinctively periscoping her trunk above the water to breathe fresh air. (The elephants all made it safely to their destination, by the way.)

Nature is a wondrous thing. And elephants are the most wondrous creatures of them all. Stay safe little elephant. The same for all our elephants in Botswana and beyond.


Image: CC Flicker by Josh Friedman Sunset on the Chobe River where the elephants gather Botswana Africa


For photos of this adorable newborn baby elephant see:

A little help please, Mum! Baby elephant is put on its feet by its mother after taking a tumble” by Sophie Tanno for MailOnline/The Daily Mail


Images: CC Flicker by Josh Friedman Sunset on the Chobe River where the elephants gather, Botswana Africa & CC Flickr by Tom Simpson, illustration Goliath ii Bill Peet 4


South African wildlife photographer Charl Stols facebook  @charlstolsphotography

Elephant Spoken Here facebook


Image: CC Flickr by Tom Simpson, Goliath II Bill Peet 4 artist

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