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Ngor : Elephant of the Week at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary : Remember Me

Name: Seedor Ngor

Meaning of Name:Thai elephant males without tusks are called ‘Seedor’ in Thai.”

Affectionately Known As: Ngor

Gender: Male

Personality: Known for “his calming energy” which in turn had a calming effect on the BLES elephant herd

Elephant’s Job:had always been a logging elephant. His fragile body showed scars typical of a young strong bull, possibly overworked in the ludicrous logging industry, for many years” prior to his arrival at BLES.

Elephant Friends: “old friendSomai. Maybe even “BLES ladies”  Pang Noi and Pang Suai . It was quite amazing to learn that our elephant Ngor had never interacted with female elephants before yet he instinctively knew how to approach them in his charming and tender way. Even Thong Deeexpressed a keen interest in the old gent!*

Elephant’s Favorite Things: Playing in the river at the elephant sanctuary, BLES. Ngor “loved to lie on his side in the river and close his eyes“. Daily walks with his BLES family (both human and pachyderm). And savoring bamboo shoots, a yummy elephant treat!

What Made This Sweet Elephant Unique: Extraordinary bond with his Mahout, Phi Dam. And his distinctive features, “Ngor’s striking and individual face

Image: full copyright to BLES : Ngor the elephant with his mahout perhaps

Age When Rescued: 70 years old in December 2015

Elephant’s Former Home (Before BLES) : Baan Tuek, Thailand 

Date of Death:  26 October 2016

Elephant’s Home: Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary  

Location:  near the village of Baan Tuek in Sukhothai, North Thailand

For information on this Distinctive Elephant’s Life & more photos see: Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary : Ngor    

Remember MeAdopt NGOR, in his memory, at BLES

Little Elephant / Tree of Life Drawing credit: public domain CC Flickr

Ngor was “such a lovely old boy”… “Each Day Spent With Him Was a Gift

When Ngor (along with his companion bull elephants***) finally found sanctuary at BLES Katherine Connor (founder of Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary ) was aware that this elderly elephant’s health had been failing for quite some time.

***A risky proposition at the time as Katherine took in 4 bull elephants together including Ngor, Sompord, Moo & Nwon. And bull elephants are not known for their docile behavior. But Ngor was different.

Still it was no less a shock when only days after his arrival, after he had been embraced by his new BLES family, that Ngor had “collapsed” . That day he was “back on his feet,” with assistance from his Mahout & “the entire BLES team”. Forever after, with that same love and support, Ngor began to discover his new life as an elephant, just living on elephant time; discovering his new favorite things and his new favorite places.

It was bliss for this exceptional elephant, if only for a little while.

Image : full copyright to BLES : Ngor the elephant in bliss at BLES two elephants backside

Please note: all quotations taken from BLES’ elephant blog post “Ngor : Our friend and brother…” unless otherwise linked above.

Images: BLES  owns copyright to all photos shown : Ngor in bliss at BLES, two elephants backside; Ngor the elephant in the forest;  Ngor with his Mahout, perhaps

Credit: CC Flickr by zhudandan : Drawing of little elephant / tree of life 

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Image : full copyright to BLES : elephant Ngor in the forest

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