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MR. MOO : Elephant of the Week at BLES : “Magnificent Bull Elephant”

Name: MOO

Affectionately Known As: Mr. Moo

Gender: Male

Age:in his 50s” 

Personality: ” A gentle gianta bit more laid backthan other elephants

Formerly: Logging elephant

Former home: Baan Tuek, Thailand

Where Now: Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary    

Location:  near the village of Baan Tuek in Sukhothai, North Thailand

Mr. MOO : For more photos of this elephant see them at: Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary “Meet Our Elephants

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Image: copyright belongs to BLES. Mr Moo and his beautiful “perfectly symmetrical” ears BLES

Mr. Moo arrived at BLES with a group of elephants known collectively as the “Bulls of Baan Tuek”   –  Ngor* age: in his 70s; Sompord, age: in his 30s; Moo, age: in his 50s; & Nwon, age: in his 60s – four males who were in need of sanctuary after endless years of working the forests of Thailand as logging elephants in the timber trade.  

*Sadly, Ngor has since passed away.  

Despite the years MOO spent building muscles and bulking up his elephant body (while toiling in the timber trade, as if this elephant had any choice in the matter) he retained his “incrediblesense of balance. So much so that one can now find Mr. Moo displaying his audacious spirit by showing just how high up the hills of BLES he can climb!

He may be a showstopper, clearly enjoying his newfound “celebrity” at BLES, but Mr. Moo takes his lineage as an elephant seriously. This bull is now teaching a younger bull elephant at BLES, Mee Chok, his duties to his elephant family. 

For one whose elephantness was taken away, deep down Mr. MOO had his elephant spirit with him all of the time. It just took the kind humans at BLES to finally set that elephant spirit free while giving this beautiful bull elephant with the “perfectly symmetrical” ears & sensitive eyes a beautiful new chance at life.

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Image: copyright belongs to BLES Mr Moo at river BLES

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