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GMFER 2019 : One LONDON Group is Charging Ahead With Their Global March For Elephants & Rhinos on 13 April 2019, While Most GMFER Cities Worldwide are Honing in on a Late May Date

Just days away, one GMFER march in LONDON, will still take place on the date initially proposed for the GMFER 2019 worldwide event.  According to their facebook page Action For Elephants UK are still calling for all elephant lovers to attend the Global March For Elephants & Rhinos, their Saturday 13 April 2019 event.  

So, put on your walking shoes and head out for this important event, for our elephants.

Here’s hoping for a grand turnout.

Thank you, London for leading the way. We, at ESH, are with you.

Stop the killing” of our elephants. “Ban the (blood ivory) trade”

Elephant Spoken Here (ESH) will post additional GMFER news to keep you informed on the worldwide GMFER 2019 marches scheduled to take place in late May 2019. CITES CoP18




# MarchAgainstExtinction


Watch Videos of their GMFER London rallies at Action For Elephants UK YouTube Channel

Action For Elephants UK website

Elephant Spoken Here Facebook

GMFER facebook 

GMFER website

Image:  GMFER London poster:  source Action For Elephants Facebook page; GMFER elephant posters

Image: Action For Elephants UK facebook

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