Tusk Tusk or Deplorable Acts Against Elephants : Poaching or Cruelty

Caught on Video: Elephant Charity VFAES Intervenes Saving Former Temple Elephant From More Brutal Beatings by Mahouts in Kerala, India

This bull elephant, Karnan, who had once worked as a temple elephant in Thrissur, Kerala, Indiais safe now thanks to the elephant charity Voice For Asian Elephants Society (VFAES). But the suffering he has endured at the hands of humans (mahouts) that domination, will, for Karnan or any Asian elephant, never be forgotten.

To watch this majestic “gentle giant” endure such “horrific beatings is difficult . Three male humans with what appears to be long metal poles take forceful swipes and jabs at the defenseless, chained elephant as he goes from a standing position to a prone position on the ground.  Loud whipping sounds from the lashing can be heard throughout the video, making the horror even more sinister.

Resigned to his fate Karnan the elephant lies quietly and takes the abuse.  The elephant’s only reaction is the movement of his leg a couple of times, once after he was cruelly jabbed on the pad of his foot. This is not Karnan’s first experience with beatings and cruelty.

Is it any wonder when an opportunity presents itself that an abused elephant would, especially a bull elephant, want to strike back?  Just knowing that this is but one case of many Indian elephants in Kerala who endure such torture makes elephant charities such as VFAES more than just a lifeline for them.

As for Karnan, the bull elephant in the video, he was taken to the “Palakkad District” where he is being watched by their Department of Forestry. As for the humans (mahouts) in the video, they were immediately terminated.  

Image: The Daily Mail: Karnan the elephant with one of the Mahouts that tortured him

Please support Voice For Asian Elephants Society. They are on a mission to end “elephant slavery,” such a worthy and honorable cause.

Thank you to the kind humans in India and around the world who shared the video and are outraged over such cruelty to our Asian elephants.

Image: Karnan the elephant with one of the Mahouts that tortured him The Daily Mail

Resource: For more photos & to watch VIDEO see “Horrifying moment a chained elephant collapses to the ground after being whipped and beaten by its cruel new owners in India” by James Tweedie for Mailonline The Daily Mail

Voice For Asian Elephants Society Twitter  (see VFAES 28 March 2019 tweet for this story.)

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