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Magical Video Moment: Tourists on Safari in South Africa Are Enchanted By Adorable Baby Elephant Enticing Them to Play

How can you measure the value of an experience that very few humans will or could ever hope to witness? Just ask a group of tourists on safari at the Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa.

Parked in a safari truck, on the side of a sandy road, they watched in awe as a tiny solitary elephant calf made a bee line right for them!  It was magical. It was as if the he was enticing them to play.

Caught on video, and left no less charmed by the experience, here is what they observed: 

After a couple of half mini-charges the little elephant, as if acknowledging the tourists and seeking out their attention, backed away, dragging his chunky legs along making marks in the sand. It was then that the happy pachyderm playfully nudged his head down onto the sandy ground.  

As his elephant mama appeared in view, from behind the vegetation, he glances back once more at the tourists before noticing a stick & immediately plopping down on it. Enamored with another stick, the one seemingly out of reach, the calf then focuses on that. Stretching and stretching his little trunk he is easily able to grab it. At that moment his elephant family appears as they began crossing the road. Not wanting to be left behind  baby took stick in mouth and ran to meet them, swinging happily away, as he arrived at his mama’s side.

As if accustomed to the play acting that the baby elephant was thoroughly enjoying, his mama & African elephant family nonchalantly browsed. Yet without a doubt the herd was keeping an eye on him. Maybe this was not his first stage show!

As one of the tourists on safari, who recorded the encounter said: ” ‘It was a special sighting for myself and the guests on board the safari. An amazing interaction with an incredible little animal!‘”

Image: Baby Elephant Engages With South Africa Safari Tourists: Daily Mail full copyright belongs to ViralHog

Resource & to watch Video see: “Play with me! Curious elephant calf enchants safari group by coming up for a closer look and rolling around in the sand in front of their truck” by Harry Howard for MailOnline / The Daily Mail

Image:  baby elephant near safari truck, The Daily Mail, full copyright belongs to ViralHog,

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