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Sound the Trumpets For Our Elephants! Over 145 Cities Plan Global March For Elephants and Rhinos on Saturday 24 September 2016


Let the march begin! Help save our elephants from extinction by joining a GMFER (Global March For Elephants And Rhinos) in a city near you this week.

This year’s GMFER was planned to coincide with the CITES CoP17 2016 World Wildlife Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Global March For Elephants and Rhinos     Image:  GMFER


“Around 100 elephants and 3 rhinos are killed EVERY DAY for their ivory and horn. Join us to demand an end to poaching and the illegal wildlife trade*.”     *This proclamation from London’s march starting at Cavendish Square.


Global March For Elephants, Rhinos & Lions       Image: GMFER


DONATE to this amazing charity bringing the world together to save elephants. Through GMFER we give all of our elephants (& Rhinos) a chance to survive.

GMFER Twitter


Images: GMFER


Global March For Elephants, Rhinos, and Lions      Image: GMFER

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