See Me Hear Me or A Potpourri of Elephant Photos, Videos & Stories

National Elephant Appreciation Day 22 September 2016

What Would We Do Without Elephants?

Elephants in the Rain    Image: CC Flickr: Simon Binder


As we honor our pachyderms on this day, National Elephant Appreciation Day, we must remain steadfast in our efforts to save elephants from extinction.


African Elephants Enjoying Watering Hole    Image: CC Flickr:  hammerhead27


We must remain steadfast in our efforts to put an end to the abuse inflicted on our elephants held in captivity.


Captive Traveling Circus Elephants    Image: CC Flickr:  Tatsiana Fanchanka Photography


Elephants need us. Our elephants need us now.


Elephant family staying close in the water in Sri Lanka    Image: CC Flickr: samcollett


Images: all CC Flickr

African elephant ears spread wide  

African Elephants in the Rain

African Elephants enjoying watering hole

Elephant family staying close in the water : Sri Lanka

Captive Asian Elephants Traveling Circus


African Elephant Ears Spread Wide    Image: CC Flickr: johnbailey63

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