Tusk Tusk or Deplorable Acts Against Elephants : Poaching or Cruelty

“ Unless We Act Now Skin Could Become the New Ivory ”: UK Charity Elephant Family Sends Out Urgent Message That Asian Elephants are Now Being Killed For Their Skin

For those of us who have been a part of the Elephant Family family, and receiving theire-newsletters, one can only reveal that a recent email shocked us to the core. Asian elephants in the country of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) are now not only the target of poachers for their ivory. Asian elephants are now being killed for the value their skin.

And just as a wildfire spreads, unless this illegal trade in elephant skins is stopped (this slaughter of our Asian elephants), the flames of corruption will only grow stronger and take hold, until the light that embodies our Asian elephants flickers out (extinction).

If the elephant poachers have their way elephant skin will soon become chic worn as jewelry (pieces of elephant skin are rolled into beads) . Elephant skin is now hailed in black markets of this Southeastern Asian country (Myanmar) as the ultimate “medicinal cure”.



Elephant Skin & Hair Image: CC Flickr


This latest attack on our endangered Asian elephants is just one more battle to be fought; what with the human-elephant conflict (“loss of habitat” ), the cruelty of elephant tourism (“being ripped from the wild for the tourist trade”), the fact that Asian elephants are already an endangered species , and now this: this attack by elephant poachers for the potential value of Asian elephant skin.

Elephant poachers risk their lives to take the lives of our Asian elephants. Elephant poachers are now risking their lives for this illegal trade in elephant skin.


Elephant Skin & Tail Image: CC Flickr


But Elephant Family is fighting back. Elephant Family has undercover teams in Myanmar gathering photo and “video evidence” which they plan to present to CITES** this month.

**CITES : Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora    The “CITES CoP17 Johannesburg 2016 World Wildlife Conference” will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 24 September to 5 October 2016.

See damning photos from Elephant Family newsletter showing the horror of poaching: a “partially skinned Asian elephant” on the ground, obviously dead; the seizure of 928.146 lbs of elephant skin, the jagged pieces confiscated in bags at “Lianghe border checkpoint, China;” and elephant skin so flagrantly displayed among other black market wildlife / exotic animal parts it makes one sick.


We must all take a stand with Elephant Family and help them protect our Asian elephants. Help Save Endangered Asian Elephants From Extinction. Elephant Family is accepting donations …click here… to help fund this urgent project.

*****To Prevent the Annihilation of Asian Elephants for the value of their elephant skin Elephant Family will*****

1) “Create Awareness” … “Release undercover video evidence at CITES.”

2)“Gather Evidence” … “Fund undercover investigations to establish the full extent of this abhorrent trade and how to stop it.”

3) “Protect Elephants” …”Fund anti-poaching patrol teams in Myanmar for 3 years.”


DONATE to Elephant Family


Asian Elephants : Mama elephant & her baby Image: CC Flickr


Images: Featured Elephant Skin & Eyelash; Elephant skin with hair , Elephant tail , Asian elephants :mama & baby elephant


Email from Elephant Family UK posted on care2.com / Elephants Killed For Their Skin posted by Rosie

Elephant Family charity e-news sign-up page here


Elephant skin & eyelash Image: CC Flickr

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  3. What horrible things humanity is doing to animals in general and these wonderful creatures. What is wrong with people this is for money? Find another way to make money, save the planet, save humanity, save our wildlife, work with health care, save your own soul.

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