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Bani Begins Her “Long Road to Recovery” at Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital After Being Hit By Speeding Train as Baby Elephant “Shows Her Determination to Live”

Doctors at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital have been cautiously optimistic about baby elephant Bani’s recovery after she was hit by a speeding train.

Over the past few days Bani has shown progress by:

  • Standing With Assistance in a Sling  

“she’s been working up to 40 minutes of standing, then given ample time to rest”. (1)

  • Reacting to nearby elephants with her “squeaking trumpets”. (1)
  • Becoming more “responsive (to medical treatments), playful and curious”. (2)
  • And most importantly “Showing us (Wildlife SOS medical team and caregivers) her determination to live”. (1) 

Little Bani became orphaned after she and her mama were both hit by a speeding train. (5) Bani knows her elephant doctors are helping her to heal. She is responding to their love and care.


Source (6) Full Copyright Belongs to Wildlife SOS: Baby Elephant Bani being bottle-fed by Wildlife SOS               Co-Founder Geeta Seshamani



Please donate to help give (3) Bani a chance to fully recover in mind, body and soul.


GIVE to help elephants at Wildlife SOS, India (3) cut & paste link from below

  • * “$25 gives Bani a bottle of specially formulated milk.”
  • * “$50 gives her one dedicated caregiver for a day.”
  • * “$100 gets Bani on her feet with a team to help her stand.”
  • * “$250 gives her twice-daily massage therapy sessions for a week.”
  • * “$500 gives Bani daily physical therapy sessions for a week.”
  • * “$1,000 gives her veterinary care and medicine for a week.” 

                                                                                                            Source (1)


Over two hundred elephants lose their lives to such train accidents. Many more are left 

crippled and suffer a great deal. This is a highly avoidable situation. It requires a combination 

of  the will to change things along with the use of science and I am sure it is possible for a 

great deal to be done where the railways can be alerted to the presence of wildlife on 

their tracks cut down their speed so that such traumatic events just do not happen.” 


“Could you please SIGN THE PETITION over here 

where we have tried to address the scenario and make people 

understand how easily such pain and tragedies are avoidable and that something 

should be done about it. thank you.” Wildlife SOS Co-Founder Geeta Seshamani  

Transcribed from Baby Elephant Bani Hit By Speeding Train (6)


Thank you Wildlife SOS (4) for caring for this sweet elephant. 

The road may be long (Bani’s healing and recovery) but we know you will be there for Bani 

every step of the way.


Images: Full copyright belongs to Wildlife SOS: “Baby Elephant Bani Hit By Speeding Train” from cc video by Wildlife SOS (6)




(1) Baby Elephant Bani Is Up! (Email to Wildlife SOS subscribers)

(2) Bani Medical Update With Dr Arun (Email to Wildlife SOS subscribers)






See also: “Sign Wildlife SOS Petition to “PROTECT ELEPHANTS FROM SPEEDING TRAINS” to Give Indian elephants the Chance Nine Month Old Orphan Bani Didn’t Have”



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Source (6) Full Copyright Belongs to Wildlife SOS:Baby Elephant Bani being bottle-fed by Wildlife SOS                   Co-Founder Geeta Seshamani

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