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Sign Wildlife SOS Petition to “PROTECT ELEPHANTS FROM SPEEDING TRAINS” to Give Indian elephants the Chance Nine-Month-Old Orphan Bani Didn’t Have

Wildlife SOS (1) has recently taken a critically injured elephant calf into their care at their Elephant Hospital in northern India. 

Little Bani and her mama were struck by a speeding train, traveling through a known elephant corridor, which took the life of the mother elephant. Her baby is now receiving round-the-clock care by a team of veterinarians “to give her a chance” to live. (4)

The prognosis is not good, though. The nine-month-old elephant “has fractures in her lower back and hip joint,” which impairs her ability to stand, leading to other complications with “her circulation and heart”. (4) This, among other ailments.

From Wildlife SOS 

Good News: Bani has some increased movement in her legs and is now moving her tail, showing signs of neurological healing. She’s eating well, and is able to urinate and defecate without much trouble. She is young, lively and vocal. Her condition is stable, but critical.”

Bad News: Bani has been immobile for weeks now, increasing stress on her circulation and heart. She has infected open wounds in her groin area, which are being treated. Her left hip joint has ankylosis, with stiffness, rigidity and little movement. Bloating and colic could quickly become life-threatening.” 


The Wildlife SOS Petition “PROTECT ELEPHANTS FROM SPEEDING TRAINS” implores Indian Railways to utilize “AI early warning technology” which they currently have available to them to “detect and alert trains of elephants near train tracks” (yet “these technologies are not being widely used”). (2) 


“186 elephants have died on India’s train tracks since 2009.” (2)


Please follow Elephant Spoken Here’s lead and SIGN THE PETITION (2)   copy and paste link below (photo of baby elephant Bani at petition site)


DONATE to help expand the Elephant Hospital at Wildlife SOS, India (3)



Image: Full copyright belongs to Wildlife SOS: Wildlife SOS Ambulance Enroute to help… (elephants) from cc video by Wildlife SOS (5)





(2) or


(4) (in newsletter for Wildlife SOS subscribers entitled “Breaking News: Baby Elephant Emergency!”)

(5) watch?v=0TEVsBB9ki4  “Wildlife SOS elephant ambulance enroute to help…”



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Source (5) Full Copyright Belongs to Wildlife SOS

2 thoughts on “Sign Wildlife SOS Petition to “PROTECT ELEPHANTS FROM SPEEDING TRAINS” to Give Indian elephants the Chance Nine-Month-Old Orphan Bani Didn’t Have

  1. Bani lost her Mom, due to human invasion. Please be on the correct side of history & save every elephant possible. Thank you.

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