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Pterodactyl Grabs Trick or Treater, Original Watercolor by Addison: ACEO Original Halloween Watercolor Painting

Artist: Addison

Size: 2.5 X 3.5 ACEO

Medium: Watercolor 

Colors: Green-eyed Pterodactyl with brown skin and tan underwings. Boy with orange pumpkin head, black cut out nose & eyes, white teeth; dressed in blue t shirt and pants; and brown shoes with black shoelaces. 

Featuring: Pterodactyl (flying reptile, not a dinosaur!) of the prehistoric age grabs a modern day pumpkin-headed trick or treater. “Pumpkin Boy has seeds for brains.”

Title: ACEO Original Watercolor Pterodactyl grabs trick or treater by Addison

About the artist:  “Hello, my name is Addison Quirk. I like to place my art in happy homes.

Owning a piece of quirk art will change your luck and make your wildest dreams come true.”

Featured at: ArtPal/Addison    


Original Watercolor Painting by Addison © Elephant Spoken Here


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