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Happy National Elephant Appreciation Day 2023: Highlight – The African Forest Elephant, “Let It Rain”

On this National Elephant Appreciation Day 2023 Elephant Spoken Here would like to share a video (“Let It Rain” by The Elephant Listening Project) of a mother African Forest elephant and her baby taking in the delights of the rain. It is only when the thunder sounds that the mama elephant verbally reacts then rushes to take her calf out of harms way.



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The African Forest elephant is facing extinction (5). And, not unlike the mama elephant actively protecting her calf, The Elephant Listening Project (3) is actively seeking to protect these relatively diminutive elephants, endeavoring to give “forest elephants – a last chance”. 

(Their vision is “to conserve the tropical forests of Africa through acoustic monitoring, sound science, and education, focusing on forest elephants.”)


Image: CC Video “Let It Rain” by Elephant Listening Project


There can be no better way to show our appreciation, and love, for the African forest elephant (2) than to support The Elephant Listening Project. (3)


Support (4) The Elephant Listening Project on this National Elephant Appreciation Day. 




(1)  CC Video “Let It Rain” by Elephant Listening Proj  (& images from)     









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Image: CC Video “Let It Rain” by Elephant Listening Project


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