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Sign the Wildlife SOS Petition as Moti the Bull Elephant Suffered a Needless Death

If not for his life as a begging elephant, Moti, a 35 year old bull, would certainly have been In his prime (in the wild, anyway). But for years Moti endured the hardships of a captive elephant, forced to give rides on unforgiving roads, scorching hot under his feet in the merciless Indian sun.

What is especially cruel is Moti’s dismissive owners who turned a blind eye to the elephant’s horrendous injuries to his legs and feet (not to mention any underlying health issues which would need attention). How was this allowed to happen? It was not until Moti collapsed that help came when they alerted Wildlife SOS but even at that point it was almost too late.

But Moti held on under their care and tried really hard to survive what the Wildlife SOS team said were the most horrific injuries they could remember on an elephant. Moti became their bright light for just a little while, never showing anger, only the spirit of his gentle elephant soul. Fly high sweet elephant, Moti. You deserved so much more.




“Namaste. My name is Kartick Satyanarayan. I am the co-founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS. (4) I want to speak to you today about an elephant who is near and dear to my heart.” 



Moti was a bull elephant who was tragically taken from us in the prime of his life. In late January this year we were alerted to an elephant who had collapsed.” 

“When we arrived we discovered elephant had suffered catastrophic injuries to both his front legs that were left untreated for very, very long. Our team was so shocked by Moti’s deplorable condition and worked for weeks trying to help him but his body had already weakened considerably.”



As we all grieve for Moti’s loss this is a time to focus our outrage for good and help other elephants in distress so they do not suffer a similar fate like Moti. But I need your voice to make that change happen.”

What I find so heart-wrenching is that Moti’s death was completely preventable. His distress should have been discovered long before he collapsed.”

“There are excellent laws in place to protect elephants in India. But they also need to be implemented and executed and enforced on the ground or Moti’s situation will be repeated with other elephant.”

“We are requesting the government for bi-annual inspections of all captive elephants and we are offering our veterinary expertise to facilite that.”



‘Moti’s Death Was Preventable’  

Source (3)  


We cannot let Moti’s death be in vain. I need to show a ground swell of support that caring for and protecting these elephants is important. But in order to do that I need an army of citizens to sign this petition.”

Our goal is to have half a million signatures. But we cannot do that without your help. To sign and share the petition please click on the included link or visit . Please share and get five of your friends to sign as well and share it with five of their friends. Moti… all of India’s precious elephants need your love and support so please give it to them.”

On behalf of Moti I thank you for taking a stand to make lasting change to protect these beautiful, intelligent and compassionate animals.

“Please sign now at .”


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