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Some Memories of Elephants & Irish Clover for this St. Patrick’s Day

There could be no better way to celebrate this Irish holiday than with elephants. These elephant sculptures, covered with Irish clover, were featured, (3) by Elephant Family, at a beach on Inchydoney Island in West Cork, Ireland some time ago to raise awareness of the plight of our elephants.  As we relive that memory let us not forget that Elephant Family’s message of elephant conservation still stands true in 2023 on this St. Patrick’s Day.



For the love of the Irish

For the love of our elephants

Wishing you health and happiness on this Saint Patrick’s Day 2023


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Images: CC Flickr by Bill Liao Elephant Sculptures of Clover at Beach in Cork Ireland (1) & by Guiseppe Milo, Dublin Ireland St Patricks Day parade children (2)








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