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Mamas Are So Important to Us & Elephants – Happy Mothers Day!

In the wild elephants make some of the most devoted mothers in the animal kingdom. (elephants rumbling) This infant is just a few months old. Its mother constantly stays in close contact, guiding and reassuring her calf. (Mama elephant rumbles)

Elephants have the longest gestation of any mammal. This mother carried her baby through 22 months of pregnancy. Her investment in her young is enormous. (baby elephant suckling)  Her calf will be dependent on her milk for the next four years.

Youngsters need guiding socially until they are teenagers. And the bond between mothers and offspring last a lifetime. Experiments have shown that elephants can still recognize their mother’s smell even after 30 years of separation.     transcribed from “Why Elephant Moms Always Stay Close to their Calves” – CC Smithsonian Video



Mamas are so important to us & elephants

Happy Mother’s Day 2021 to all mamas both human and elephant!


Image: by GMFER , “A Baby Elephant Needs its Mother…”


Image: GMFER poster

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