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Video Moment : Drowning Baby Elephant Rescued By Her Quick Thinking Mama & Auntie Elephants

It’s touch and go for a little elephant calf as the baby struggles to climb up out of the water; trunks outstretched in an effort to help her. But this African elephant herd does not stand idly by. For Mama elephant and two Aunties soon devise a way to rescue the drowning baby elephant.

This is the little elephant you will see on the video, moments before, running excitedly alongside her trumpeting herd. The little spanker was first to rush in when her elephant family decided to go for a splash in the waterhole but soon found herself in over her head after the other elephants made their way out. Watch Amazing Elephants Work Together To Rescue Drowning Baby Elephant below




Images: from Creative Commons video “Amazing Elephants Work Together To Rescue Drowning Baby Elephant






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