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Tarra & Bella : The Elephant and Dog Who Became Best Friends by Carol Buckley : Juvenile Non-Fiction Book Review

A Timeless True Story For Elephant Lovers of All Ages

This is the story of Tarra and Bella.
Tarra, is an Asian elephant.
And Bella, an abandoned little mixed breed pooch.
They were both given a second chance at life.
Maybe that is why they understood each other so well.

For reasons known only to herself Tarra had never found a true best friend, at least not amongst the rescued elephants who lived with her at the sprawling Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.
So it was all the more enchanting that when Tarra had found a pal, she would choose not an elephant but a dog!

Tarra had once performed in an episode of Little House on the Prairie.
Bella had an unknown past.
Tarra had never taken to her other elephant friends at the Sanctuary, preferring to stay to herself.
But the pup and the elephant knew they could take on the future together, for as long as that future would last.

Image: CC Wiki : Carol Buckley & her elephant Tarra


Tarra is an Asian elephant who discovered the true meaning of friendship when she was accepted by a little stray dog. And when Bella needed Tarra the most, through instinct alone she found her, and was there by Bella’s side. Just like that first time when Bella was discovered sleeping next to Tarra at the beginning of their friendship. So the story would continue to show their devotion to each other to the end, the elephant and the dog.


Source: Tarra & Bella : The Elephant and Dog Who Became Best Friends by Carol Buckley

Read along with the eBook on YouTube with Stacy Arnold: “Tarra & Bella The Elephant and dog who became best friends” A true story complete with photographs by Carol Buckley

Images: CC Wikimedia: Tarra and Carol Buckley ; both book photos duck duck go 

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