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After a Long Search For the Land ERNA … Elephant Refuge North America … Will Begin Construction on a “True Sanctuary” For Elephants in Small Georgia USA Town: Carol Buckley Inspired to Build a New Home For Her Elephant Tarra

The population of Attapulgus, GA now stands at 449, give or take. But with the coming year that number is set to change. It will soon read 450 (counting Carol Buckley, founder of Elephant Aid International) and in good measure, a handful of elephants. Yes, elephants!

After a two year search the quintessential piece of property was found; a former cattle ranch  (846 acres) which is almost smack-dab on the Florida Georgia line. For an elephant it is a study in perfection: from the area’s more temperate climate & its remoteness (giving the elephants & their human neighbors needed privacy) to its shape & “mixture of rolling pastures, ponds, small lakes, hardwoods, & creek bottoms“,  the soon-to-be sanctuary is just ideal, claims “land broker” Walter Hatchett.

Although the ERNA sanctuary will not be open to the public  to give the rescued elephants the best life possible, a chance to live and roam on the grounds as elephants again, there will be a “live feed available online” (aka EleCam) which will allow those who love these elephants and who want to support them a chance to get close and follow their lives. Another component of this “true sanctuary” will be to educate and ERNA will offer interns the opportunity to be a part of these elephants’ lives (eventually volunteers from nearby areas will also be welcomed).

Carol Buckley Ready to Bring Her Elephant Tarra Home

As work begins on the elephant-proof barrier (another layer of fencing which extends around the perimeter will be people-proof) & an elephant barn, excitement builds. Carol Buckley will oversee the process once again as she designs her second elephant sanctuary on US soil.

Her first was The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee founded more than 20 years ago and it is there that the now 42 year-old Asian elephant she raised, (see controversy surrounding Carol’s bid to regain her sweet elephant here) her long-time companion Tarra resides.

And as the vision of ERNA … Elephant Refuge of North America … becomes a reality it is only fitting that Carol Buckley should be allowed to bring her elephant Tarra home to her again.



Image: CC Wiki : Carol Buckley & her elephant Tarra


Images: featured Carol Buckley and her elephant Tarra, Carol Buckley caring for elephant in Nepal trimming “toenails


Donate to Elephant Refuge North America through Elephant Aid International (select project ERNA)

Watch YouTube Video of ERNA with aerial views of the land

Watch walb news video and interview with Carol Buckley about ERNA & Tarra the elephant




Image: CC Wiki: Carol Buckley cares for elephants in Nepal trimming their “toenails”

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