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Celebrate World Wildlife Day 3 March 2020 : For Our Elephants

Dear Elephants:

It’s a beautiful thing: remembering World Wildlife Day 2020 and helping to save you, our elephants.




In 2020 World Wildlife Day has chosen the message of “Sustaining All Life on Earth,” showing an interconnectedness between us all; all living creatures, including humans, & the flora and the fauna in the universe.

Humans should strive to live in harmony with nature, with wildlife, and especially with you, our elephants.



Because of habitat loss (or deforestation) too many of you, our elephants, are being displaced (the palm oil industry is especially to blame.)

Because of expanding human populations elephant corridors once traveled by generations of you, our elephants, are suddenly gone.



Human-elephant conflict is signaling the demise of you, our elephants.

Sadly, unless we act now, there may not be a way back.



The time is now to connect with the flora and fauna of our world.

Respect nature. Respect elephants.




Elephant Spoken Here will continue to share our message of hope for your species, & more.

For there cannot be a world without you, our elephants.







Your humble servant,

Savannah Crisp




Images: CC Flickr: by World Wildlife Day & WWD


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