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Video Moment : Bull Elephant Reveals an Ancient Migration Path The Long Walk Home BBC Earth Part 5

“Tracking and (sic) old bull elephant may lead us on a path to discovering the ancient paths of Angola.” Watch as a majestic bull elephant tusker is collared so that elephant researchers  can gain insight into their long ingrained instincts to travel identical migration paths as their ancestors did before them. Insight that will give hope for generations of elephants to come. The following was transcribed from  Bull Elephant Reveals an Ancient Migration Path | The Long Walk Home | BBC Earth


(aerial: helicopter honing in on elephant herd as close-up of Mike & his team reveals them pointing out individual bulls)

What better way to map these highways than by asking an old bull elephant, who might remember Angola, to lead the way.”

(helicopter flying low)

Mike needs to collar a bull as close to the international border as possible, an elephant old enough to remember his ancestral homeland and who will provide a GPS trail as he journeys north into Angola.”

Mike in helicopter:

(elephant herd spotted )

“Look at that. That is so impressive. I have never seen so many large bulls in one bachelor group. We have to collar one in this group. The biggest bull if you can find him. ‘Hey Larry, that big bull, the one with the big tusks.’ ”

(a dart is heard being fired as the helicopter swoops down in order for Larry to safely sedate the chosen pachyderm)


“This huge bull is exactly what Mike is looking for. He is certain this old elephant would have lived in Angola and will probably go back there.”

(Helicopter lands and three men rush out on the ground toward the downed bull elephant)

(elephant rumbling from afar) (The men are seen overhead rushing toward the bull and once at his side, moving the elephant’s trunk forward , away from his neck)


“He is really impressive. Man.”

(elephant rumbles softly as Mike pats the bull on his head)


(Aerial view of all terrain vehicle arriving at the scene)


(Mike walks toward sedated bull elephant with large leather collar in his hands as bull softly rumbles)

“How is his breathing Larry?”


( unintelligible) “It is good.”


“It is good?”

(Team of about five men work quickly on collaring the sedated bull elephant)

Mike as narrator:

“I really hope this magnificent bull would become an ambassador and lead the way back to Angola.”


“Ah, Baba”, (to ranger team member) ” I think he is about 40 years old, probably.”

(sedated elephant softly rumbling)

“Yeah, he is in his prime.”


(wide span view of the team and the area encompassing the Jeep & the waiting helicopter)

Mike has collared more than 50 elephants in a massive trans-frontier area spanning five countries. He is unlocking the secrets of how these majestic animals move across this complex landscape.

(Close-up of team measuring bull elephant’s tusks and foot pads)

Mike to another man:

“Baba” unintelligible (speaking in a foreign language) “Let’s call him Intombo.


(aerial of team working swiftly in collaring the massive African elephant)

“The collaring of Intombo (name of elephant) is a new beginning.”

(Mike uses a ratchet wrench to tighten the bolts on bull elephant’s collar before giving him a final pat on his face and to his tusk.)

“Mike’s future challenge is to ensure that elephants have the freedom of Africa. That they can still wander as they did hundreds of years ago. And most importantly, that elephants and people can learn to live peacefully together.”

(aerial of beautiful bull elephant tusker rising slowly from the ground and gaining his footing, starting his journey to catch up with his migrating elephant herd.)


I believe that elephants are a flagship species and if we cannot save the African elephant what hope is there for the rest of Africa’s wildlife.

(aerial following the elephant on his journey home)

“The great bull Intombo strode north into the wilderness of Angola carrying his collar with him following an ancient migration path.

And now I dream that where he leads a thousand elephants will follow.”



Image: CC Flickr by jonrawlinson elephant sunset African Bull Elephant swims acros Chobe River Botswana



Watch BBC Earth YouTube video: “Bull Elephant Reveals an Ancient Migration Path

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Image: CC Flickr by jonrawlinson elephant sunset similar African Bull Elephants swims across Chobe River Botswana

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