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Elephant Spoken Here Has Moved to ElephantSpokenHere.Com

Today, 17 October 2017, is the official relaunch of ELEPHANT SPOKEN HERE.

You may have discovered our elephant blog at But from this day forward Elephant Spoken Here can be found at ElephantSpokenHere.Com.

Our focus will remain the same but we will be more than a blog and we look forward to sharing with you more details as they develop. Our passion continues to be Elephant Advocacy & Elephant Conservation; helping to save our elephants in the wild from poaching & helping to protect our elephants in captivity from abuse (with their eventual release to a true elephant sanctuary).


Image: CC Flickr: elephant herd in Addo by charl28


Elephants were born to be elephants.

Elephant conservation begins with US.

There just cannot be a world without elephants. There just can’t.


Image: CC Flickr: elephant family by charl28


Our elephants are such beautiful souls.

Image: CC Flickr: elephants trunks intertwined by andygood12


Images: All CC Flickr: elephants trunks intertwined by andygood12;
Elephant herd & Elephant family by Charl28

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