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Today is the Day: Global March For Elephants and Rhinos: Save Elephants From Extinction

We March Against Extinction and demand governments take action to stop the poaching of elephants and rhinos and end the trade in ivory and rhino horn.” GMFER website



Poster: GMFER


Global March For Elephants & Rhinos.


Elephant activists and elephant advocates are helping to save elephants

by making their voices “herd “.

GMFER Elephant_family_faded[1]

Image: GMFER elephant herd


Join with your GMFER  today, Saturday 7 October 2017.

Our elephants thank you.


elephants mama and baby pixabay

Image: Pixabay: mother elephant and baby elephant


Images: GMFAR Poster, GMFER logo, GMFER elephant herd, elephant mother & baby elephant Pixabay,


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