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Faa Mai “The Most Happy Elephant” Oh How She Has Grown!

Sometimes there is no other joy like being an elephant and with Faa Mai, the “first born free” elephant at Elephant Nature Park who came into this world on 17 April 2009, there is no holding back. She finds happiness in so much around her, in fact, that she has come to be called “the most happy elephant”.


Faa Mai “the most happy elephant” frolicking at Elephant Nature Park


Like most elephants she enjoys a good day out in the mud hole. Whether with her pachyderm or human companions Faa Mai is always keen on a good slathering of mud. (See her enjoy a “Mud Bath” with Lek, founder of Elephant Nature Park and special consort to Faa Mai)


Faa Mai and Dok Mai love their mud at Elephant Nature Park!


But most of all what makes her the happiest of all is being with her mama and her own elephant family on the grounds of the sanctuary.


Faa Mai & her mama Mae Bua Tong at Elephant Nature Park


More photos: See how she has grown.

Photo credits: Elephant Nature Park

Featured photo: Save Elephant Foundation


See video of Faa Mai not long after her birth at Elephant Nature Park

Save Elephant Foundation: “SEF is a registered charity accepting donations on behalf of Elephant Nature Park and other SEF projects”


Faa Mai “The Most Happy Elephant” at Elephant Nature Park


6 thoughts on “Faa Mai “The Most Happy Elephant” Oh How She Has Grown!

  1. Such a wonderful story and pictures!
    reading more on “Elephant Nature Park” website.
    liked the page on fb.. but like the site so much more.
    I *LOVE* elephants …so very much .. i know some about this wonderful park where ele’s can live.. happily..and free. with people around.. but-..also -they have their own space-…lots of space! really happy to have new pages to learn about..and -in a way.. feel “part of ” the elephants.. just like with TES.. and now ENP …but also.. Elephant Spoken Here.
    Wrote way too much when I came here -2 nights ago (?) -so many typos and mispellings. -must keep short now.
    Just VERY happy to not only feel a part of things.. in a way.. but- to also find ways to help..etc. I wish –so much– I had money. ..I am an artist. but.. it hurts not to be able to donate any more. i was able to quite a number of years ago now. 🙁 but.. i help all i can.. This website – “Elephant Spoken Here” really is one of the best for many things.. all to do all we can – so elephants can get that lives back. No way can we not do all we can to .. get some major changes. I know ..they – and a good number of others- are also near extinct. …but – the huge thing I always look to when I get upset is the thing that people came together..and more still do.. to do all they can to help..but also “fight” to change things. No more killing and torture! There is so much I write..and though some is repetitive–it isn’t really–it is about different situations..but- need to call upon “repeating” some.. to speak. I MUST MUST keep working harder to speak with way fewer words.
    Last long post here. .. Just wanted to thank you – SAVANNAHCRISP – for all you do here. oh.. I love them soooo much! But also love others.. lions.. rhinos..whales.. dolpin.. pigs.. turtles.. cows.. -all!!!! but i have a VERY soft spot for ele’s and lions and rhinos …since i was …wow.. 3 yrs old.
    Just.. thank you.
    Plese know. if I comment– I know–to keep short.
    <3 to you …and all the ele's …and all life in the world! <3

    • Elephants need every one of us to save them from extinction and from abuse. It is not about how much money you or I have but how many collective voices we have (from around the world) to stand up for our elephants (especially those elephants that are held captive by bullhook wielding humans and those elephants in chains, for they are all needlessly suffering, and for what purpose?) and stop the slaughter (poaching) of our elephants before it is too late. Thank you for caring about elephants.

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