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How To Sing an Elephant to Sleep : The “Baby Elephant Lullaby” & One Contented Snoring Elephant

She was the first baby elephant born at the Elephant Nature Park (ENP) sanctuary on 17 April 2009 from ENP parents, (Mae Bua Tong is her mother).

This little one, Faa Mai (Pha Mai), her name meaning “A New Day,” was never exposed to the cruelty that many other elephants in Thailand experience even to this day. Faa Mai wasn’t born to be sold to a trekking company or to work in any way. Faa Mai was the fortunate one.

She was born to be an elephant, and to become a part of her elephant family as nature intended. (Her matriarchal family includes Tong Jaan, her older sister; Faa Sai, her adopted older sister; and Dok Mai, daughter of Dok Ngem, whom she watches over as a “junior nanny”.)

Some would say Faa Mai was even doted on. As if elephant mother’s don’t do that? Needless to say she became quite the princess at Elephant Nature Park, ever so confident and even “sometimes a bit stubborn”. So is it any wonder that, as Faa Mai grew up, this pampered pachyderm came to appreciate a sweet melody to lull her to sleep?


Faa Mai and Lek enjoying “baby elephant lullaby” time at Elephant Nature Park


Now it seems that Lek (Sangduen Chailert, founder of Elephant Nature Park) has had a special bond with this elephant or maybe Faa Mai clamors more attention than the average elephant (as if elephants could ever be called average!) And it is also apparent that Lek has a beautiful voice for singing (we already knew about her beautiful voice for standing up for elephants).

So how do you sing an elephant to sleep? I think it is best left to Lek and Faa Mai to demonstrate that part.

And when you watch both videos of the “baby elephant lullaby,” there is a daytime nap version and nighttime version (well why not?), and hear the peaceful snores of Faa Mai just know that that is one happy elephant.

Just Faa Mai and Lek under the stars until they are ready to do it all over again.

photo credit: Elephant Nature Park

See Faa Mai just days after she was born: Faa Mai “The Most Happy Elephant” Oh How She Has Grown!


Night time at Elephant Nature Park showing Lek singing “Baby Elephant Lullaby” to Faa Mai


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