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SEEK: Elephant of the Week at RETETI Elephant Sanctuary: Samburu, Kenya, Africa

Name: SEEK

Name Origin/Meaning: “…named after the indigenous ‘seeki’ tree that is ‘so strong’ the wood is used for ‘walking sticks’ for the community’s elders”. (2)

Gender: Male

Age When Rescued: one year old

Date of Rescue: 31 December 2020, New Years Eve

Location of Rescue: Nanyuki


Where Now: RETETI ELEPHANT SANCTUARY Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, Samburu, Kenya (Northern Kenya, AFRICA)  (4) 

Foster/Adopt This Sweet Elephant  (1)  copy and paste link from sources below

For additional photos see SEEK’s gallery (1) 


Elephant Became Orphaned Because of: becoming separated from his herd

Situation Surrounding Orphaned Elephant’s Discovery: A Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) (3) warden from Laikipia found the little bull elephant wandering all alone.

Insights into Orphan’s Elephant Herd: More than likely the baby elephant became “separated from his Mama” due to his “lack of vision” in his left eye. (2) 


From cc video “Meet Seek!” full copyright belongs to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary;
Seek the elephant’s rescue day!


For Complete Story see Seek’s Orphan Profile/Adoption Page at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary South Africa (1) copy and paste link from sources below


Upon Arrival at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary: Seek had an obvious injury to his left eye. Veterinarians attempted to “save his eye” but “after extensive examination there was nothing they could do”. (2)

What Makes This Sweet Elephant Unique: Seek is “completely blind in his left eye” yet doesn’t let that hinder him at all as he takes on his new life as a sanctuary orphan in his own heartened way. (2) 


From cc video “Meet Seek!” full copyright belongs to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary; blind in his left eye


How Baby Elephant is Adjusting to New Elephant Family at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Northern Kenya, AFRICA:  Seek has adjusted really well, almost from his first day he “started fitting in and integrating with his fellow orphans” (2) 

“Seek is remarkably strong – and his overall health, ability to adapt, and use of all his other senses impressed us (Reteti Keepers) from the very first day he arrived – and keep helping him to develop and thrive.” (2)




From cc video “Meet Seek!” full copyright belongs to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary; Adopt Seek!


Baby Elephant’s Personality Traits: Seek is “humble and kind hearted,” always stepping back after he is fed his bottle to ensure that the other orphans get their milk as well. 

The little bull elephant likes to “take the lead” when the orphans head out for their morning walks and “gently guides the way” to the best grazing spots as well as “signaling when its time to return” for their evening bottles. (1)

Baby Elephant’s Favorite Things: playing with Long’uro, Lomunyak

Baby Elephant’s New Friends: fellow RETETI orphans Long’uro, Lomunyak, Kalepo and Sera


Reteti Elephant Sanctuary elephant adoptions include:

  • “A digital, sharable Adoption Certificate making your foster parent-hood official!” 
  • “A Social Media Starter Pack, with videos and photos which you can use to share the news about becoming a #RetetiFosterParent”
  • Quarterly email updates about your foster elephant”
  • Updated social media share pack with new photos and videos of your foster elephant on a quarterly basis

“Please note: Multiple adoptions of individual elephants enable us to cover the costs of caring for all 46 elephants at Reteti; your contribution will help us cover the cost of milk, the keepers, veterinary cost and other essentials your elephant needs.”


Images: from cc videoMeet Seek!” full copyright belongs to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (2)


(1) https://www.reteti.org/adoptions/p/seek

(2) Meet Seek! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Meet+Seek+reteti+elephant+sanctuary+Creative+Commons 

(3) KWS https://www.kws.go.ke/

(4) https://www.reteti.org/





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From cc video “Meet Seek!” full copyright belongs to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary;
named after “seeki” tree

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