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World Wildlife Day 2024 : Digital Innovations Give Our Elephants a Chance to Live

Dear Elephants:

World Wildlife Day 2024 is upon us once again. This year’s theme is 

Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation”. 

Our commitment is forever to you, our elephants. 


There have been advancements in elephant conservation due to the use of drones which locate poachers intent on annihilating you, our elephants, due to their greed for the ivory that makes up your tusks. Ivory tusks that belong to you, and only you, our elephants.

Drones have also located your herds in protected areas to keep wildlife conservationists informed of your safety and even used to rescue lost members of your elephant family when one of your baby elephants has had to be left behind.

We remain forever hopeful that as people and the planet become more connected more solutions will be found to bring harmony to man and nature. You, our elephants, who once ruled our great earth, (5) must be free to live.


Original Watercolor Elephant Painting by Addison © Elephant Spoken Here KING RICHARD the WOOLLY MAMMOTH



For there cannot be a world without you. There cannot be a world without elephants.


your humble servant,

Savannah Crisp





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“Our connections with each other and with nature are transforming. At the same time we are seeing technology advance and biodiversity decline like never before.” “Around the world innovation and digital technologies is helping us communicate, share ideas and conserve our planet’s wild animals and plants. 

“This year for the United Nation’s World Wildlife Day (1) we explore our evolving connection with our planet’s extraordinary biodiversity. Join us and find out…” 

What are the digital innovations that are driving wildlife conservation right now? 

What is the way forward to make sure no one is left behind in the journey to connect people and planet and to make sure wildlife continues to exist for generations to come? 

“Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation. World Wildlife Day 3 March.” Transcribed from (2)







Images: Full copyright belongs to, World Wildlife Day, WWD 2024 posters/banners (3) & CC Flicker by WWD baby elephant ‘Help Us’ drawing painting (4) King Richard the Woolly Mammoth by Addison (6)




(2)    CC video by WWD “Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation”








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