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Charming Children’s Book With an Uplifting Message: “Elephant Me” : Part 1

When all the elephants come round to be named by the King elephant there is one who seemingly has no demonstrable talent at all. For according to ‘elephant lore’ those monikers are chosen by the very talents which they bring before the Monarch.

Num- Num is convinced that he is not special, not talented, until his friends point out that is not true at all. Presented in rhyming verse which just adds to the charm one should not miss this little book about elephants, with its uplifting message, which is a hidden gem.



“Hello my name’s Daniel 

Today we’re reading Free to be Elephant Me written by Giles Andre and

Guy Parker Reese. So get comfy and I’ll begin.”



Elephant Mighty reclined on his throne

At the start of the Elephant Games.

‘Impress me,’ he said to the little ones there. 

‘And I’ll give you your ELEPHANT NAMES


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“Tradition dictated, in elephant lore,

 That ALL of the young ones compete 

To try to be better than everyone else 

at a certain spectacular feat.” 



“And each time an elephant managed to prove 

A talent or skill to the King. 

The Monarch would give them an ELEPHANT NAME

An honor they all long to win.”


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Nina was first to try out for a name,

 The largest young elephant there. 

She pulled the whole tree from the ground by its roots, 

And lifted it high in the air.”



“‘AMAZING!,’ cried Elephant Mighty, Hoorah!

‘Your trunk is splendid and long! 

I never imagined that tree would come loose 

I’m calling you ELEPHANT STRONG!’”


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“Young Norcus was next so he took a deep breath 

And, summoning all of his might,

He let out a bellow so loud and so shrill

That even the vultures took flight.”



“‘REMARKABLE!’ Elephant Mighty declared,

‘That sound — you could hear it from space!’

‘I’m calling you ELEPHANT NOISY, my boy,

Now please settle back into your place.’”


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“One by one, all the young elephants came

And paraded in front of the throne.

And each was awarded an Elephant Name

except ONE at the back, on his own.”



“‘I see one more elephant hiding away.

Come, show yourself now,’ said the King,

‘Yes tell me what marvelous trick you can do,

Please demonstrate – what is your thing!’”


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“‘I’m not really sure yet, Your Highness,’ he said,

‘it’s just that… I don’t really know’

‘Oh nonsense’ said Elephant Mighty, 

‘Come on, I command you give me a show!’”



“So Num- Num stepped forward and did a few tricks. 

He was trying as hard as he could.

But Elephant Mighty was most unimpressed

Asking ‘Can’t you do anything good?’”



“‘Oh dear,’ scowled the King, ‘No, that really won’t do.’ 

Poor Num- Num felt hopelessly small.

‘I should call you ELEPHANT NOTHING,’ he laughed.



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To be continued: Charming Children’s Book With an Uplifting Message: “Elephant Me” : Part 2




Images and transcribed from: FULL COPYRIGHT BELONGS TO ILLUSTRATOR GUY PARKER REESE & AUTHOR GILES ANDRE from cc video  “”Elephant Me – Reading Children’s Books  (1)






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