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Early Learning Picture Book: A Parade of Elephants by Kevin Henkes

A Parade of Elephants is…

A charming little picture book for young children featuring elephants! The illustrations by the author, Kevin Henkes, draws one into a day in the life of the five elephants, a parade of elephants, with an unexpected ending. Well done!






“One, two, three, four, five.”




“Five elephants. Marching”

“A Parade of Elephants!”



“Big and round and round they are.”

“Big and round and round they go.”




“Up, down.”

“Over, under.”

“In, out”




“They march and they march and they march.”

“They march all day.”



“And when the day is done. They are done, too.”

“They yawn and stretch. They stretch and yawn.”



“But before they sleep they lift their trunks…”

“and they trumpet – scattering stars across the sky.”



“Good night.”

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(1) 광고로 배우는 영어 YT CH   



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