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Video Moment, A Look Back: Singing, and Dancing, in the Rain; Two Bestie Sanctuary Elephants Twirl & Squeal in Delight in Afternoon Thunderstorm!

It’s as If it were yesterday, watching Debbie and Ronnie, besties at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, twirling and dancing and squealing in delight (that’s trumpeting in elephant speak) as the rain came pouring down. What fun they had in their almost synchronized dance, pausing only to sling mud over their own backs! No taking shelter in their comfy barn when Mother Nature offered this fine alternative. Oh, the life of a sanctuary elephant. A life these girls so deserve. And a life they are still living today! 


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Thank you Elephant Sanctuary in TN for providing a home for Debbie and Ronnie and other rescued elephants like them. Each and every rescued elephant has a unique story to tell.


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Live Elecam (4) You may even spot Asian elephants Debbie and Ronnie amongst the other rescued elephants at their home at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee (1) roaming the 3060 acres, just being elephants and enjoying their day!


Images: from CC video The Elephant Sanctuary | Thunderstorms at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee  (2) full copyright belongs to The Elephant Sanctuary in TN     



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