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Team Elephant Spoken Here So Enjoyed Their Experience With the #RetetiRun & the Certificates of Participation Are a Cool Reminder of That Special Day, in the USA!

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary Rocks! Just loved their laid-back approach to their #RetetiRun inaugural event. Sign-up was easy and communication with Reteti Elephant Sanctuary was effortless as well. Received the #RetetiRun race bibs and certificates of participation pronto, via email as promised. 

Old and young alike were invited to take part in the walk/run and did! Silas and Savannah of Team Elephant Spoken Here (their herd) proudly represented the United States of America on their walk that fine day. 

And to think that somewhere in northern Kenya, in Africa, little orphaned elephants walk a chosen path “through the bush as a herd” with their Reteti keepers each day. Something to reflect upon and gives one hope for the future of our elephants. (2) 

Thank you Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (1) for organizing this event and for your dedication to caring for (from ‘rescue to release’) our orphaned elephants in Africa.



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Image: Reteti Run Daily Walks with Reteti Elephants, full copyright belongs to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary












Images:  Reteti Elephant Sanctuary elephants (2); Certificates of Participation & #RetetiRun Bibs of Team Elephant Spoken Here (5) Savannah # 1094 & Silas # 1095 walk for the #RetetiRun


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