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For Our Elephants: Celebrate World Wildlife Day 2023 as CITES Turns 50 on Their Shared Birthdays

Dear Elephants:

World Wildlife Day is recognizing the 50th anniversary (3 March 1973) of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (5)) this year with their 2023 theme of ‘Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation’. 

It is no coincidence that WWD chose March 3rd as their birth date to ‘celebrate all the world’s wild animals and plants and the contribution that they make to our lives and the health of the planet’ (1) as both organizations share common goals and pathways.

These partnerships include not only prominent and influential people but those everyday people who are making a difference for wildlife (you, our elephants) as well. For humans cannot exist without nature yet nature (including you, our elephants) tragically will not exist without humans grasping the destructiveness of their ways. 





As always, our greatest concern, this World Wildlife Day, is the dire situation you, our elephants, are in. 

Without positive interventions (to end poaching, for one) by humans, you, our elephants, will become extinct, just a wisp of a memory as evidenced by many species of flora and fauna forever gone and forgotten.

For there cannot be a world without you. There cannot be a world without elephants.


your humble servant,

Savannah Crisp





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“World Wildlife Day is a celebration of the planet’s wild animals and plants. Yet one in eight of all wildlife species is threatened with extinction. Animal populations are declining at unprecedented rates. It is a global crisis and one that threatens us, too.”



“There is only one way that we can face down these challenges and reverse this dangerous loss in biodiversity and that is together.” 




“On World Wildlife Day this year we focus on Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation celebrating the best and most effective conservation work that is happening at a global or local level. Work that is building a better and more sustainable world… for nature and for us.”

“What work do you want to tell us about? What do you want to hear more about? Join in and make a difference. #WWD2023 Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation”





Support World Wildlife Day (1) and help save elephants 






Images: CC Flickr by, & full copyright belongs to, World Wildlife Day, WWD 2023 posters/banners (2); WWD logo (3); & from cc video ‘World Wildlife Day 2023 – Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation’ (4)






(4) creative commons video ‘World Wildlife Day 2023 – Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation’ watch?v=9e6WCiWKMxo&list=PLRRkwPm57o3rf5u_MoijKuAvPGxE-7YMf




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