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World Wildlife Day, 3 March 2022 – What Can We Do To Help Our Elephants

Dear Elephants:

Here we are again on this World Wildlife Day 2022 hoping to create awareness of those species of wildlife that are the most critically endangered and in the most dire need of help.

Unfortunately, you (our elephants) almost always top that list and as a keystone species the ecosystem, in turn, cannot continue without you. 



Thus, reversing your fate (leading toward extinction), working to restore your elephant habitats (preventing deforestation. also elephant corridors provide much needed pathways), and providing solutions for humans to co-exist with you (preventing human-elephant conflict) are meaningful ways to address saving you (our elephants) while encompassing this year’s WWD theme, “Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration”.

For there cannot be a world without you. There cannot be a world without elephants.


your humble servant,

Savannah Crisp


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Source: (3)


“This is our shared home. We all live in it and benefit from it. We roam, fly and swim in the forests and mountain tops, in savannas, and in the depths of the oceans. Together we form part of the web of life that ensures the planet’s ecosystems can strive. We provide for people everywhere. The ecosystems we inhabit feed and clothe them and help them build their homes.

Despite that, our survival is in danger. Thousands of species face the danger of extinction. Without them, habitats and ecosystems are in peril.

This World Wildlife Day, join us in raising awareness of the future of endangered species. Together, we can change course. We can save wild animals and plants from overexploitation and restore their habitats and ecosystems. Recovering Key Species For Ecosystem Restoration. World Wildlife Day 3 March. Produced by the CITES Secretariat. Credits: Offthefence, Pexel, Envato Element” (3)




Images: CC Flickr Posters & elephant drawing by (& full copyright belongs to) World Wildlife Day 2022 (2)  





(3)  transcribed from creative commons video  “World Wildlife Day 2022 – Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration”



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