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Just Look at Him Now!: Our Elephant Kaavan Is Thriving at Sanctuary One Year On From His Wretched Existence at Islamabad Zoo

This is Kaavan, happy at sanctuary. The Sri Lankan bull elephant was rescued (by #FourPaws & #FreetheWild) from the #IslamabadZoo in Pakistan almost one year ago (29 Nov 2020).



As a captive zoo elephant for most of his life Kaavan, upon arrival at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary, had some adjustments to make. He had to “be taught how to be an elephant”.

This means he had to gradually be introduced to habitat and elephant behaviors that come natural to elephants in the wild such as browsing from trees and foraging for grasses and even interaction with an elephant herd.

In recent months Kaavan’s new “care staff” has been instrumental in introducing him to his new jungle habitat and in playing a part in his discovering new friendships; his new pal is DiPloh, a female elephant.

With all the encouragement he has received from kind humans worldwide, one can say that Kaavan is truly thriving in his new home.



Images: Kaavan At Home, Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary 2021 from CC Video:’Kaavan’s New Journey Began..’ (1)




Creative Commons Video: ‘Kaavan: Almost home. Jungle ready’ (2)


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