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Pang Dow: Elephant of the Week at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary – BLES: Lucky Star: Part 2

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                                      PANG DOW Creative Commons Video by BoonLottsBLES Films


Pang Dow’s Triumphs at BLES#

9 July 2021  “Pretty, Precious, Petite and Pumpkin Crazy, Pang Dow…… She might look the picture of innocence, but we have photographic evidence that proves otherwise!!!…”


26 April 2021 “…Powerhouse Pang Dow… their permanently damaged feet are kept as clean and healthy as possible…….. Pang Dow severely broke her leg in a tragic accident, when she was being worked in a tourist camp…. It took a lot of patience and trust building, to gain their co-operation in the beginning, but now they LOVE their pedicures!!…”


2 April 2021  “…Pang Dow…(was) left…deformed after she broke her leg… genuinely enjoy their pedicures and present their feet for treatment, with ease and confidence. It has taken years of relationship building, trust gaining and patience from both sides, to get where we are today…”


17 Feb 2021 “…Elephants are never happier than when they are deep in the forest surrounded by a good choice of lush greenery to choose from at their leisure . . . and Pang Dow is no exception 🙂 She is in elephant paradise, as she reaches for the best bits, with her friends close by…”


27 Jan 2021 “…Pang Dow is getting ready for the weekend with an in-depth pedicure, muddy face mask and quality time with her besties, Wassana and Lotus‼ Because of Pang Dow’s deformed front legs and abnormal nail growth, it is imperative to her wellbeing that her feet are regularly checked, trimmed and treated. We are immensely proud of our pretty girl, who trusts in us implicitly and it is an honor to be able to provide her with this specialized care…”


13 Sept 2020  ” …of Hide and Seek ?? Pang Dow was cheekily hiding high up in the bushes, keeping very quiet, until she realized Lotus had found her. She then let out a very excited roar and Lotus trumpeted so loud as if to say, ‘Nanananana – found ya!!!’…”


26 May 2020 “…papaya eating…”


10 May 2020  “Pang Dow, as always, is a complete superstar and loves her footwork sessions. It is so important for her to get regular check-ups and treatments on her feet. Pang Dow has lived with badly deformed front legs for most of her life, due to a previous accident. The uneven weight distribution can cause cracks, swelling, overgrowth and splits in her nails and pads, which if left untreated, could be detrimental to her health.”


12 Oct 2018 “…Pang Dow has always been extremely and understandably protective of her injured foot. Through months of daily, gentle target training, Pang Dow is now comfortable with having her feet touched and we are now able to perform pedicures on her, easing some of her discomfort…”


4 Sept 2017 “Pang Dow’s rescue was traumatic and dramatic. In her 26 years she had been sold 7 times already – and each time her situation was even worse than the last. No wonder she was terrified – but, we made it safely back to Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary – BLES – and with lots of tenderness, love and time, Pang Dow blossomed into the lovely girl she is today.”


18 Nov 2016  “…the gorgeous little squeaks and rumbles of Pang Dow and Wassana, to the ROARS & TRUMPETS of Pang Tong, Lom and Sompord Our BLES elephants love to vocalise. Our two strong and feisty females with a young bull playing in the water – wonderful to see and hear and just so amazing that they have that freedom now. Spectacular #blesmagic #blesbliss Enjoy !!!  · Trumpets & Roars”


17 Nov 2016  “…the simple pleasures friends and mud can bring…”


1 Nov 2016 “…Pang Dow will always bear the scars of her early life – she was so skinny and had yeast infections and parasites when we rescued her 6 yrs ago Those scars remind us all of how far she has come and all that she has had to put behind her She is now a very happy young lady, with the best friends ever…


3 Sept 2016 “…Pang Dow is the youngest and smallest of the Gossip Girls – she is also the quickest- especially when there are bananas or pumpkins around 🙂 She had a particularly cruel and tough life before we found her. She bears the scars of those years on the outside, but, she has steadily put her past behind her, and, with the help of her loyal and caring friends, she is a very happy girl now. We absolutely adore her – she is very, very special, and we cherish her, knowing the journey she has been through to get to the lovely, serene elephant she is today…”


17 Feb 2015  … Pang Dow inspires me every single day – her strength, her capacity to forgive and trust, her playful nature, her determination to always be the one to climb to the tops of the hills and to always be the one who eats the most pumpkins!!!…”


Image by BLES: Pang Dow the elephant, source elephantloverblogspot


1 Aug 2014 “Oh Pang Dow…. You are so incredibly inspiring! When we looked in to your eyes four years ago, there was nothing but fear, panic, anxiety and pain. Now, we see peace, happiness, contentment, strength, gentleness, courage and determination to love every waking minute of your life here at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary – BLES It is such a joy and a privilege to watch you grow and blossom every day. To watch you play with your best friends and to hear your roars of excitement as you approach Nov BLES each morning. To put it very simply….. We love you Pang Dow!…”


7 Sept 2013  ” 2 very special ladies . Pang Dow, who herself went through such a dramatic rescue, moves towards (welcomes)  Boon Thong, our latest rescue – and, by giving her her trunk, lets her know that she is not alone, and that she has friends . First day at BLES for Boon Thong, so this was indeed a very special moment … the first of many <3 <3


2 Sep 2013  “3 years today, Pang Dow arrived at BLES – bruised, battered, exhausted, crushed…today, she is a strong, vibrant social girl who loves every single moment of every single day.”



Images: BLES owns copyright to all photos shown:  source elephantloverblogspot

#Source: BLES facebook (search under ‘posts’ Pang Dow)


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Image by BLES: Pang Dow the elephant walks with Katherine at BLES. source elephantloverblogspot

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