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Urgent Petition to Help Elephants: Stop the International Trade in Elephant Skins

It is beyond belief that in 2021 the sale of elephant skins is condoned and deemed legal by the regulatory  board  CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) that is supposed to protect those species of wildlife who are under threat of extinction.

CITES has banned the sale/trade in elephant ivory. Yet our #elephants, especially our Asian elephants, continue to be threatened by the sale of elephant skins worldwide, including trade in the United States of America

These elephant skins are used for such vanity products as cowboy boots, handbags/purses, belts, jackets & other clothing items. “The skins are also used to make “blood beads” which look like garnets and are worn as necklaces.”



Please join Wildlife SOS in “Demanding a stop to the trade in elephant skins”

Please help our elephants, as Elephant Spoken Here has, & sign the petition today


Image: by Wildlife SOS, Stop Trade in Elephant Skin


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Image: by (full copyright belongs to) Wildlife SOS, Stop Trade in Elephant Skin

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