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If Humans Were More Like Elephants… #BehaveMoreElephant, Wisdom from Elephants to Carry Us Through Life

While humans may not agree on a number of things in life what should present no dilemma is how elephants exemplify a model of behavior to which we should all aspire.

Elephant Spoken Here has long shared our love of elephants and our feelings of how almost perfect they truly are.   If humans were more like elephants just how much better could this world get? Not much.

Just observe our elephants:   in their interactions with their own families (elephant herds in the wild); in their emotions (elephants feel & show grief in death); and in their actions & compassionate nature (captive-born elephants & elephants held in captivity for their entire lives have been shown to respond to their keepers with kindness when treated with kindness).

Joyce Poole of ElephantVoices has spoken the following in their #BehaveMoreElephant campaign:

“The world would be a better place if we behaved more like elephants. When we think of elephants words like strength, wisdom, loyalty, kindness, and family come to mind.

(BE TRUE) Behaving elephant means being dependable and steadfast.

(BE LOVING) It means being caring toward family and friends.

(BE CURIOUS) It means being caring toward family and friends. Behaving elephant means being open minded in your outlook on life.

(BE UNDERSTANDING) It means being accepting of other clans and tribes.

(BE KIND) And helpful toward those less able.

(BE WISE) Behaving elephant means being thoughtful and dignified.

(BE PLAYFUL) But also a little fun-loving at times.

(BE VOCAL) Behaving elephant means being a good communicator and it means standing tall for what you believe in.


Elephant wisdom to carry us all along for a lifetime

& may our elephants carry on for many generations to come.


Images: CC Flickr by Himash De Silva Elephant herd backsides BW

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Make the world better – #BehaveMoreElephant” YouTube Video by ElephantVoices


Image: CC Flickr by Himash De Silva Elephant herd backsides BW

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