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Video Moment : Wee Newborn African Elephant Takes First “Bambi-Like” Steps

Newborn baby elephant

On wobbly feet this wee one may look fragile but with encouragement from her elephant herd she takes her first baby elephant steps toward mama’s comforting side, ever determined, even after a couple of tumbles, to complete the task at hand.

Whilst doing trunk twirls, maybe thinking her way through, or just figuring out her newfound trunk, the wee elephant triumphs after her delicate “Bambi-like” start.

Wildlife photographer Carole Deschuymere caught the wee elephant calf shortly after birth in Zimbabwe, Africa. Carole was on safari when the mother elephant, about to give birth, wandered into her camp.

What an amazing experience to have captured on video. Elephants are such beautiful souls.


Image: Goliath II by Bill Peet from michaelspornanimation,  Mama elephant with baby illustration drawing



Watch the Caters Clips YouTube video “Baby Elephant Takes Its First Steps

Image: Goliath II by Bill Peet, from michaelspornanimation, Mama elephant with baby illustration drawing

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